Perfect Glasses USA Now Offering Liz Claiborne Eye Glasses

Los Angeles, California (August 30, 2013) – Perfect Glasses USA has announced that another quality eyewear brand will be added to its stock. Liz Claiborne Inc. is a famous brand known for stylish finds for men and women, including clothing and accessories. The company was found in 1976, and has since been transferred to Fifth and Pacific Companies, Inc. The brand name and styles however remain in mainstream retailers and authorized online sellers such as Perfect Glasses USA.

“We’ve recently added an arsenal of authentic, in-demand brands to offer shoppers more variety when searching for an eye frame. Everyone knows that finding stylish eye glasses that will be used on a daily basis is a chore. It isn’t a one size fits all scheme. Our inventory ensures that our customers will have the widest selection at the best prices, and we’re pleased to be adding the revered Liz Claiborne brand to our stock,” a rep from PGUSA commented.

Earlier this year, the company released a statement specifying the addition of Max Mara eyewear as well as Jennifer Lopez and Hugo Boss glasses. Discount glasses can be purchased for men, women and children. Buyers are furthermore given the option to fill their RX eyeglass prescriptions online. According to the official site’s instructions, this can be accomplished by selecting the pupillary distance or P.D. from a drop down menu, as well as the spherical, Axis, Cylinder and the additions’ measurements from preset filters.

“Shoppers who need assistance can get in touch with one of our customer service representatives, plus we offer a 30 day returns policy if you’re not completely satisfied,” the same PGUSA executive continued.

Liz Claiborne eyewear is currently featured in a variety of models, colors and prices on Perfect Glasses USA. A company statement has furthermore specified that the site features secure shopping with SSL encryption. To learn more, visit

About Perfect Glasses USA

Perfect Glasses USA has been in business for more than 60 years. The online retailer has an established location in the California region, however online shoppers gain the advantage of convenience by filling prescription online. A wide selection of frames can also be researched all in one place. Find quality name brands such as Liz Claiborne, Hugo Boss, Smith Glasses, Paul Frank, Spy, Fossil at discount prices. Free shipping is offered for all U.S. orders.
For more information, visit

The Coolest Shades from Boss Orange

Do you crave fun and fashionable styles that are fitting for adulthood? These Boss Orange Frames from Hugo Boss are ideal.

Here are some of the coolest shades that are in demand right now:

BOSS Orange 0112

Boss Orange 0112

The rectangular rounded shape on this frame is intelligently cool with its spotted design. Choose between gray spotted black or violet spotted pink shades.

BOSS Orange 0111

Boss Orange 0111


Notice the bolder colors that are met with a hint of darker contrast at the end of the frame. Choose from Havana, Petroleum Blue Avio as depicted above, Shiny Pink Cyclamen or Black. All color schemes can be viewed through images at checkout.

BOSS Orange 0110

Boss Orange 0110


This model allows you to choose from Black, Dark Havana Black or Nut Brown as seen in the image above.

BOSS Orange 0056

Boss Orange 0056

These frames are delicately styled with a hint of color variation on the inside of the frame. This image for instance features a black frame, with a light gray interior. Also choose from Black White Blue, Red White Gray or Blue White Orange colors.

Let your personality shine through in these fun and sporty colors that can also be worn formally to work.

All models featured in this post are priced at $140, and shoppers can choose between prescription and non-prescription lenses for their frames. All the convenience of shopping for a stylish, quality brand is right at your fingertips.

Free shipping is offered on U.S. orders with a 30 day return policy when the frames are new.

Find more cool shades from Boss Orange at Perfect Glasses USA.

All About Steampunk Goggles

Are you in need of steampunk fashion accessories? Our goggles will complement your fashion sense. Read more below.

Old time classics are coming back in style. And now at Perfect Glasses USA, you also have the option to add prescription lenses to steampunk eyewear for experiencing crystal clear vision – no matter what you’re engaging in.

Steampunk goggles come with a head strap – for added security. You’ll never have to worry about losing your investment, whether you’re on a wild ride at Disney Parks, Universal Studios, Six Flags or some other attraction.

In addition, steampunk goggles feature a padded eye cup to protect the eyes without adding discomfort.
Here are some of our featured availabilities:

Black Steampunk Goggle
This black on metallic steampunk goggles fits the uber-modernist’s style.

White Steampunk Goggle
Love the color white? This model blends in perfectly with whatever ensemble you may be wearing.

Where Should I Wear Steampunk Goggles?
Wear these for numerous occasions including seasonal events, carnivals or any day of the year.
Save these for your Halloween favorites.

Are you working in a welding or steam filled environment? These goggles are perfect accessories.

As seen, these are versatile pieces that can be used on numerous occasions.

Perfect Glasses USA features a 30-day return policy and free shipping on all merchandise.

Learn more about Steampunk goggles at

We love Paul Frank!!!

Perfect Glasses USA is Now Selling Max Mara Glasses

PGUSA is proud to announce our new collection: Eyewear from Max Mara.

Check out a few new favorites below:

Max Mara 1181
Price: $187.50
This ladies’ eyewear is rectangular shaped. Buy the frame for both prescription and nonprescription lenses. The frame is also made from acetate, which makes it impact resistant and highly durable.

Max Mara 1160
Price: $187.50
This stylish cat-eye shape is perfect for prescription lens wearers. View the specs for details on available sizes.

Max Mara 1155
Price: $187.50
This simple and classic black cat eye frame, has a bolder edge compared to the previous model. The arms of the frame are styled with diagonal lines. Wear your prescription lens at work, home and play. This frame is also built for women in sizes 51-16-140. It’s additionally available in honey brown or multi-tone brown colors.

Max Mara 1182
Price: $187.50
The front metal of this frame is built from cool metal to last for years to come. The arms are injected propionate. It features a contemporary rectangular bridge shape that is available in light gold, brown and light peach for your preferences. Also, notice that the end of the frame is contrasted by a darker color to make it stand out.

See the full collection of Max Mara glasses here. The Max Mara brand is renowned for high quality fashion that’s now available in the visionary niche.

We’re now selling Banana Republic prescription eyewear

Yes! Perfect Glasses USA is now carrying over 50 new frames (glasses and sunglasses) from Banana Republic.

Check out a few of our favorites






Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized lenses provide better visuals, because they reduce or eliminate glare that’s often seen on water surfaces. The lens are made with special filters known as vertical iodine crystals, which soak up the light or glare, and helps you see without strain. One of the top benefits that fishermen receive while wearing these lenses, is that they’re able to see clearly below the surface. The angler is able to analyze the situation and stand a better chance of reeling a big one in.

fishing sunglasses

read more

Top 5 Electric Sunglasses

See some of Perfect Glasses USA’s most stylish Electric Sunglasses here:


Price: $200

Get summer ready in this back line sunglass, which is elegantly crafted in a legendary look. Women will secure an understated suave look that will carry on for years to come. This lens is made from polycarbonate materials, which means more durability and less chances if breaking. Wearers also receive full coverage from UV rays.


AV1 Small

Price: $160

The aviator frame is timeless, and shows no signs of dropping off the radar anytime soon. This glasses fits handsomely on both men and women, and serves up a huge breadth of quality and style.


Rip Rock

Price: $109.95

Put your old sunglasses to rest, and break out into new, yet vintage design. Similar to the AV1, the RIP Rock can bend into shape for all types of face frames – in both men and women. Even though this style has been longstanding in the eyewear industry, wearers will be pleased with the modern updates for extra comfort and 100% UV protection.


AV1 Large

Price: $160

This Italian crafted aviator has a tan lens with gold frames that complement each other beautifully. Have fun in the sun without compromising safety and casual style in the recognizable California Design. AV1 Large is a bigger hybrid for extra coverage, it’s made with polycarbonate lenses, and is designed as a unisex model.



Price: $119.95

Get Electric style eyewear, which truly magnetizes the attention of onlookers. This frame is extra-large, and was carefully polished to perfection.

Need an Electric Sunglass with add-on prescriptions? Our top 5 Electric sunglasses, and others featured on Perfect Glasses USA can easily be added with your prescriptions – for extra visual acuity. Shop for more Electric Sunglasses by browsing here.

Our Top 5 Reading Glasses

Get one of our stylish and affordable reading glasses, which magnify small prints and help you see clearly:

Executive Readers:


Executive Readers


Price: $19

There’s nothing like reading a good book from start to finish, and without pesky eyestrain. This large and stylish frame includes P.D. between 60-67.

*(P.D. stands for pupillary distance.)

If you’re unsure of your eye’s health, be sure to check with an eye care professional. No prescriptions are needed with this purchase.


Black Cherry Readers


Black Cherry Readers

Price: $19

Go bold with this eye frame. It’s classic and modern looking at the same time, which means that pairing with vintage and modern clothing is a breeze.

Black Water Readers

Black Water Readers

Price: $ 19

The crystal clear frame is synonymous with the crisp clarity you’ll observe while wearing the eyeglass. It’s stylish, modern, and priced just right.

American Anthem Readers

American Anthem Readers


Price: $49

Get a pair that looks like a million bucks, without spending so much. This stylish frame helps you get lost in a good book – the classics, while providing you with legendary style.

Brooklyn Readers

Brooklyn Readers

Price: $46

This thin frame is lightweight and available in brown shades. It lifts the strain when reading.

Ask your eye care specialist what power is right for you to avoid damaging your eyes. Perfect Glasses USA stocks both prescription and non-prescription lenses and frames in name brands like Paul Frank, Smith, Electric, Spy RX and more.

Perfect Glasses USA’s top reading glasses include free shipping in careful packaging – so you receive your new frame in pristine condition. Also, be sure to order glasses by our convenient P.D. filter here.

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