Paul Frank Glasses: On the Borderline of Geek and Chic

Paul Frank glasses, best known in certain circles as borderline nerdy, have been gaining mainstream notoriety over the last couple of years ever since the return of the Hipster scene.

Normally associated with ingenuity in his designs, Paul Frank has been collecting vintage sunglasses since he was 14 years old. Flash forward and his childhood hobby has flourished into a brand name fashion house success story, where Paul Frank still hand draws many of the sunglasses designs himself.

So in the grand-scheme of things, if founder, Paul Frank is still doing the nitty gritty work of designing his own products himself, then it goes to show that Paul Frank sunglasses still upholds many of the same principles of the classical and vintage qualities of eyewear that Paul Frank, himself, cherished and collected as a teenager.

Every pair of Paul Frank sunglasses is made by hand, a true-blue method for creating solid, higher-quality, and longer lasting glasses. According to Anton Kal in his article in, “a combination of Zyl material and wire core insertions inside the temples makes adjusting these sunglasses to fit customer’s personal, simple and approachable. The metal inserts and plastic frames also make these sunglasses lightweight.”

Other features of Paul Frank sunglasses include CR-39 polymers with a scratch resistant coating, 100% UV/UVB protection from the sun’s rays, and mechanical metal snaps allowing people to apply interchangeable magnetized logos to the temples of the sunglasses.

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