Why Do Glasses Make Me Dizzy?

Are you experiencing dizziness or nausea from a new or old eyeglass? This is a typical complaint among first time eyeglass wearers or those getting acclimated to new prescription lenses.

Dizziness may also be your body’s way of warning you that the glasses were built improperly. It could also mean that there has been a change in structure of this sunglass over time.

Top Ten Reasons for Dizziness  from Glasses Include:

  1. They are made incorrectly.
  2. Your refraction is wrong.
  3. There was a large change in the prescription.
  4. The PD measurement doesn’t coincide with what you should be wearing.
  5. It’s your very first time wearing the glasses.
  6. Your  progressive lenses were measured too high or too low.
  7. The curvature of the lens is too steep or too flat.
  8. The adjustment of the frame is off balance.
  9. The lens has too much prism.
  10. There are defective coating.

If the glasses is new, or you’ve been prescribed a stronger version than was previously used, this is to be expected. But the question is, how long should you anticipate this dizzy spell after first time use? Experts recommend giving the new prescription an adaptation period of approximately one week. If nothing changes, contact the ophthalmologist as soon as possible and discontinue use.

On the other hand, if there was an error in the way the prescription  glasses were manufactured, such as the frame, coating or lens and their grade, check with the store’s warranty policy to see if this can be exchanged for a better fit.

If your glasses is aged, your body may also be signaling that it’s time to get a new eye glass frame, lenses, or a combination of both. Different brands will have varied life cycles, but part of maintaining vision, is checking eye glasses periodically for wear and tear.

Should you be experiencing any signs of dizziness, it’s best to contact your optician or eye wear provider to discuss as soon as possible to make the necessary adjustments.

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