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How To Keep Eyeglasses From Fogging

How To Keep Eyeglasses From Fogging

One of the most common issues experienced by eyeglass wearers, is that the lens will tend to fog up in varied climates – which can additionally impair vision. To prevent this, check out the following tips:

Check the fit – ensure that the space between the eyeglass and your frame is sufficient to allow air in and out. This is known as a proper ventilation system. Sports sunglasses for instance sometimes carry an inbuilt vent to prevent any fogging that may occur while participating in sporting activities.

Buy custom anti-fog lens – there are frames and lenses on the market today that carry an anti-fog feature. Shop online to compare prices and varied brands. These can also include prescriptions for corrective vision.

Buy anti-fog solutions – which you can spray on the lens to prevent fogging for a certain period of time. Ensure that the solution is sprayed a good feet away from the eyes when applying.

Clean lenses – frequently, in order to prevent debris buildup which may accelerate fogging.

When heading to a new climate, the lens will tend to adjust to the new weather conditions after a certain period of time.

Most importantly, while driving, eyeglass wearers should set the air on a comfortable temperature so that the glasses become neither too hot, nor too cold – which can cause fogging – even inside a closed car.