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What Do the 3 Numbers on Glasses Frame Mean? (Frame Size)

What Do the 3 Numbers on Glasses Frame Mean?

Frame Size

If you own an eyeglass pair, chances are you may have seen three numbers imprinted or engraved on the interior of the temple, nose bridge or arm. These numbers carry a significant importance, which are the eyeglass frame measurements.

These measurements additionally stand for three separate areas of the frame, and can be referenced as follows:

  • 1. The Temple Length – Look for numbers ranging from 125-145 to determine how long the temple is. This measurement is done on the mm .metric scale.

  • 2. Eye Lens Size – This is useful when replacing lens in an existing frame. The numbers are usually marked by a dash (e.g. 39-9).

  • 3. The Nose Bridge – This measures the width of the nose bridge.

These measurements are significant for the following reasons:

  • Comfort Levels – how well your glasses fit will contribute to your level of comfort each day.

  • Eyesight – a too small or large frame could potentially restrict your vision.

  • Productivity – when you see clearly, you’re most likely to complete daily tasks in the fastest time possible, and with the most efficiency.

Would you like to duplicate a worn frame, because it was the most comfortable you’ve used, or the size has grown on to you? Be sure to search for these three numbers discussed, or ask an eye care specialist to make take the measurements for you.

Additional tips for choosing the right frame include:

Ask your eye care specialist to measure the broadest area of your face. Once this is determined, ensure that the frame does not exceed this number.

When doing a test run of sample frames in store, or even virtually, ensure that your pupils are centered in each lens. If they’re uneven (too far right or left), this could mean that the eyeglass is too small or too large.

Even though the glasses should not be bigger than the widest area of your face, make sure there is no discomfort from tightness.

All in all, most eyeglass manufacturers allow users a certain period of time to ensure satisfaction. Otherwise, returns could possibly be made to the seller if this is stated at checkpoint.